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Thinking or Overthinking???

Thinking,eh? What to wear, what to eat, to cook, music to listen,channels to watch, assignment to finish and mostly, whether to get up to switch off the light switch or just lay inside the cozy warm blanket. We think almost a billion thoughts each day, ranging from life saving to silliest things, but we think a lot esp. the unnecessary things.e67bab2b9e81539a794beb1d38ffe7f244049_original

I have often found people searching the answer to the question ” How to live an ideal life or moreover to be a perfect person?” Well the key to answer lies in the lines above. We think too much, much enough to bury the creative thoughts beneath the daily chore-routine thoughts. Ever wondered, had Newton been thinking about what to eat for dinner when that apple banged his head, the world would have never had any idea regarding the existence of  gravity, atleast not since 17th century.

The main thing is keeping the main thing, the main thing!

If you worry too much, if you over think those already overthought thoughts, life will be nothing but monotonous. They say life is what you make it and it’s true. Life is a canvas and you gotta paint a pretty picture in order for it to be pretty. There’s no other thing to be thought.

Now the answer to the question, well you gotta filter out yourself from the unwanted things and world you’re stuck in and then you just gotta focus on the things which define you and you love. That’s it my friend, the meaning of life, to find the meaning in you!


17 Shakespearean Insults We Should Start Using Again

In your face!

Thought Catalog


1. Away you three-inch fool!

This sentence is a vicious attack on a man’s confidence and in modern times it’d sound something like “Get out of my sight you tiny penis having chump!” Words can hurt. Sticks and stones will break your bones but an itty-bitty penis comment will eat away at you like cancer. If you’re looking to land a devastating blow, this is your balled up, brass knuckle decorated fist.

2. I must tell you friendly in your ear, sell when you can, you are not for all markets.

How cold blooded would it be to tell a friend to settle for whatever they can get. This is the same as saying “No offense, but you should probably date anyone who is interested because you’re not exactly a catch.” Ouch, you may as well save some syllables and say “Beggars can’t be choosers, ugly.”


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The Cobweb Life!

I was lost in the soft music playing on my online playlist , the soothing instrumental beauty just touched the correct side of my brain. I pick that pencil up, sharpened enough to pierce a hole in tee shirt, to draw a box of some technified oscillator version located deep inside the pages of the assignment, I’m supposed to submit in a next few hours. TV and Radar engineering, the title of my cover page says, it might seem interesting to some but believe me we do nothing practical here in our bachelors of technology. It seems to me like a daily chore, these assignments consuming the ink of the pen when it strikes with friction on that white sheet of paper. Amid all this, the song paused, it made me look beyond and feel the temporarily wrenched back submitted to the work I was indulged a few moments before. The view is unpleasant, the thoughts running at the speed of light in all corners of life. I stand like an ice hockey keeper, trying to catch them all at once on the slippery passage, but oops there there, they collide. Indeed, few of them are here, the ones I could gather and decode. The view was unpleasant, as I looked up , the safari bag unchained, the laptop sleeve thrown away, chickpeas from last Sunday’s breakfast scattered like beads out of a necklace, beside the broken pair of slippers I was supposed to throw away a week before. Further, the clothes lay out of the chair, laundry bag and the cupboard like hairs out of my scalp, twisted and curled, I wonder the last time I did laundry (a month back or so). The study table wasn’t spared either, it portrayed an exhibition of a vat69 turned into a vase with flowers from Friday’s function which now bear the dried color on them; beside it lay a messi mug with green tea stains in it  looking toward  a shining trophy and a golden shield from the last Sunday’s closing ceremony. The shield mirrored itself in the transparent ruler of the kettle which lay beside the pile of newspapers I have been struggling to read since I subscribed (that was like more than a month ago) and laughing in shame were those books I issued in the starting of this semester which were only witnessed a foreplay but couldn’t reach that far. My bed wasn’t spared either, a travellers kit and a diesel sling bag resting on the sheets I have been using to drive the October chill from my nerves and moving further ahead was my laptop , me and my assignment , enjoying each other’s company until that music stopped playing its sound!

P.s. I just entered the vicious circle by hitting the refresh button.

My First Blog Post

Hello to my reader(s). I had been thinking what to write in my blog. I thought of categorizing it but then i thought more and now i think that what is the need to categorize it. I mean aren’t there already so many categorized blogs. Can you categorize life? In a way or two you can but as a whole you can’t and you shouldn’t. So here i have a blog where there can be no predictions, you get something different though not new always but definitely out of the box.
As this is my first post i would definitely like to talk something about myself because if you know where from the words are coming or rather from whom you have a better reading experience.
So here is a female amateur blogger from a land of mystery(India). Born in the 90’s, bought up in a metropolitan city residing near the capital’s heart. As a child i always used to wonder what it is like to be grown up and famous but then as i grew up and almost famous i wonder what would it take to reverse the process. Caught up in our own dreams we all live a life less than we could always have or we dream of. The cobweb that life spuns for us manages to catch our dreams with or without our will. But then there’s no harm in living it that way. Thinking without thinking, travelling without knowing, waking up to find a day completely new from the previous, meeting new strangers to make them a little less stranger, we all wish for life to decide for us but it harms us when the others do (read society). There’s no guarantee in life, it can make you or break you, so does my words (not literally though!)
So i hope you would be looking forward for my posts. And i am hoping for many of you to read them but just in case you don’t like it, I am really sorry for wasting your time.
P.s. Say sorry if you think you should.