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Hey there!

It’s been a long long time since I last posted here. Gives me chill seeing my previous posts and writing this one.

Not many of you would have noticed that I started writing this blog in mid March of the last year ending with the no. 4 (2014) with my last post being in ending November of the same year.

Life and premonitions never go hand in hand. Blink of an eye and the world is different.

Anyhow, while I had been on the roller coaster of life, I tried not to let my personal life cast a dark shadow over my desire to write, though the mediums and platforms changed.

From writing posts and statuses on Orkut, Facebook as a kid to pouring my teenage heart on wordpress, I went on to kickstart magazine of my own named “Eunoia” which means  beautiful thinking and a well mind. It was a college magazine and is still running in the premises though I graduated an year ago. 

A 9 to 6 job and a lover to fill my mind and heart, life had been a bit rewarding while being equally cruel. Being in and out of love enriched my experience and transitioned me to a bittersweet(amateur) poetess.

These days  its me, my poems and instagram. The moving on phase has been long and challenging. Yet I try to grow day by day from the bittersweet memories of past.

A glimpse of the poems and photographs:



Title: Quotidien Morose

It’s one past midnight

with you on the phone

Few words and a drunk snores

leaving the other voice in a sleepless mode

Maybe it’s you or just the flashbacks

When will you grow past my nostalgic mind?!

Creeping memories

Moving on thoughts

Life has become a traffic jam of quotidien morose

Dripping water yet so dry

Polluted feelings in a trapped mind

Should I try again or

just lay

wide awake in my bed all night.


I am hoping to continue writing here as well. But if you like my poetry, please feel free to eavesdrop 😉