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Movies: Reality in jeopardy!


Don’t live your life like they do in movies.

Your life is much more worth than anyone else’s imagination captured in a three hour reel. You gotta filter out the illusion from reality.

There might be background music in those man made moments but there is a man made out from moments.

A walk in the rain without a stolen kiss , a white hair before your 20’s,too much traffic on the road, a dent on the car, fucked up ending of a popular TV show, a dress gone out of stock, a sale turned into a disaster and every tiny thing hurts in real life. A hero as well as a villain both die in reality rather the former one dies much younger. The right one gets nothing sometimes, the evil one wins too, people fail, talent goes to waste, people are stuck in cobwebs of life.We regret the ones we love and even more the ones we didn’t.

Hard work is sometimes the only solution and start-ups don’t always succeed. In reality, movies are extracted from it, not vice versa.

Life is always a change, it’s never constant. No one says in reality, like they say in the movies, “And they lived happily ever after”. There are ups and downs, ups disguised as downs. Businesses don’t bloom like flowers in the garden, the only time travels and flashbacks we have is in our memories and the only category of homo sapiens that can bleed for days and still survive is females.

Life is different and it is difficult. Like if me writing this post was to be showcased in a movie, it would have been in a few seconds and in one go with motivational background score ending with a voice narrating the same to the viewers. But see, here you are digging through the words, wondering or probably abusing the piece of shit.

Be Real not Reel.



Sharing is not always caring!

“I just ate a blueberry sandwich”, “Oh my god, here’s my new blackberry :D”

“Just bought a Burberry Scarf–feeling delighted”, “In love with Rachel Berry…. #glee”


and there can be thousands of berries being shared in the world of social networking media.

It’s a fact that the first thing people do as soon as they wake up in the morning is not brush their teeth or read newspaper but pick up their devices, turn them on and check their social media updates.

Life has become so technology dependent that i wonder if people would start conceiving digitally someday.

Anyway coming back to the present, i see numerous updates on my facebook home, hundreds of tweets, instagram posts etc. just dedicated to the daily stuff people engage in and other similar people do actually read and promote it. I mean is it necessary to forcefully dump your daily routine on a public platform where people are least bothered about you having a banana pie or harlem shake! Moreover, the fact that people read your updates is not because it’s interesting or admirable, but it’s flashing on their page again and again as you thank each and every soul donating a precious million dollar like over the same.

On the contrary, i am not against social networking , rather i myself find it quite useful sometimes, it keeps you connected to the world while you are on the go but it doesn’t mean you let your online profile act as a GPS fitted over you.

Seriously i wish people use their online profiles as much wisely as they do with their bank accounts, which everybody knows exists but not everyone is required to know everything.

Think, Introspect, and again think before your any activity on the internet because sharing is not always caring.Image