Thinking or Overthinking???

Thinking,eh? What to wear, what to eat, to cook, music to listen,channels to watch, assignment to finish and mostly, whether to get up to switch off the light switch or just lay inside the cozy warm blanket. We think almost a billion thoughts each day, ranging from life saving to silliest things, but we think a lot esp. the unnecessary things.e67bab2b9e81539a794beb1d38ffe7f244049_original

I have often found people searching the answer to the question ” How to live an ideal life or moreover to be a perfect person?” Well the key to answer lies in the lines above. We think too much, much enough to bury the creative thoughts beneath the daily chore-routine thoughts. Ever wondered, had Newton been thinking about what to eat for dinner when that apple banged his head, the world would have never had any idea regarding the existence of  gravity, atleast not since 17th century.

The main thing is keeping the main thing, the main thing!

If you worry too much, if you over think those already overthought thoughts, life will be nothing but monotonous. They say life is what you make it and it’s true. Life is a canvas and you gotta paint a pretty picture in order for it to be pretty. There’s no other thing to be thought.

Now the answer to the question, well you gotta filter out yourself from the unwanted things and world you’re stuck in and then you just gotta focus on the things which define you and you love. That’s it my friend, the meaning of life, to find the meaning in you!


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