What is love?


Love is merely a four letter word for most of the people and it can’t mean the same for everyone at the same time. Call it the euphemism for destiny or destruction, it is something every soul ponders to and wishes to be in. Yes, you can either be in love or stay without it but you can never be with love because it’s something that’s within and you can never find it in something else and if you think you do have love in something or someone else, think again, it might be just a mere illusion. No doubt, everyone tries to find love in someone or something but to me a lover is someone who makes you feel everything and nothing at all, but the love is actually inside you that makes you feel that way, a lover is just a harbinger.

It’s not something only stuck in your heart, it’s in your eyes that see, your hands that touch, skin that feels and moreover in the lips that speak. It’s a language, a medium of expression and a token of power wrapped up in the softness of a smile and warmth of a teardrop.

Love is yours! Your Hopes, Your Dreams, Your Everything!
You gotta find it within you.


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