Month: March 2014

My First Blog Post

Hello to my reader(s). I had been thinking what to write in my blog. I thought of categorizing it but then i thought more and now i think that what is the need to categorize it. I mean aren’t there already so many categorized blogs. Can you categorize life? In a way or two you can but as a whole you can’t and you shouldn’t. So here i have a blog where there can be no predictions, you get something different though not new always but definitely out of the box.
As this is my first post i would definitely like to talk something about myself because if you know where from the words are coming or rather from whom you have a better reading experience.
So here is a female amateur blogger from a land of mystery(India). Born in the 90’s, bought up in a metropolitan city residing near the capital’s heart. As a child i always used to wonder what it is like to be grown up and famous but then as i grew up and almost famous i wonder what would it take to reverse the process. Caught up in our own dreams we all live a life less than we could always have or we dream of. The cobweb that life spuns for us manages to catch our dreams with or without our will. But then there’s no harm in living it that way. Thinking without thinking, travelling without knowing, waking up to find a day completely new from the previous, meeting new strangers to make them a little less stranger, we all wish for life to decide for us but it harms us when the others do (read society). There’s no guarantee in life, it can make you or break you, so does my words (not literally though!)
So i hope you would be looking forward for my posts. And i am hoping for many of you to read them but just in case you don’t like it, I am really sorry for wasting your time.
P.s. Say sorry if you think you should.